About Plan Eat Play

briohny-plan-eat-playWorking full time and being part of a busy family schedule means every day there are questions that you ask and dread being asked, ‘What’s for dinner?’, ‘Have you got your lunch?’, ‘What time does training finish?’, sound familiar?

These questions, while frustrating and necessary, also take up valuable minutes of your day. Not to mention the energy required to get your brain to plan, analyse, verbalise, discuss and process a response within a short time frame that keeps everybody somewhat satisfied!

This is why I established ‘Plan Eat Play’. A place where I can help you organise one very simple but very time consuming part of your day – meal planning. The resources and assistance you can access from ‘Plan Eat Play’ will make things easier when it comes to ways to sneak a few more minutes into your day.

Not every day is a perfectly smooth operation in our house. There are days when school socks can’t be found, cereal just doesn’t cut it for breakfast for a temperamental teen, or a last minute early morning meeting for both the husband and myself means a change of plans for all of us, but what we have learnt is that a dash of flexibility, a sprinkle of planning and a smidge of foresight will help more than any freshly brewed never-ending cup of coffee.

Without further ado, I’d like to welcome you to Plan Eat Play.

Here’s some tips to get started with.