Simple recipe for taking time

There is only one thing more precious than our time, and that’s who we spend it on. Your partner. Your friends. Your children. Your family. Yourself. Your choice… That’s what’s happening around here.  We’ve been fortunate enough to choose to spend time on what is priority for us right now and it’s staying true to […]

7 Nights of Easy Dinners For a Busy Week

Some weeks you feel ready to conquer the world, some weeks you’re happy if you can just get out of bed.  This meal plan is for those kind of weeks. The kind where getting out of bed is an achievement or where there is not one space in your diary to even give the idea […]

Simplify Your Life Through Meal Planning Part 3

In order for some form of positive or re-directional change to happen in your life, an idea or a plan is what you need. The starting point is where we tend to fall down.   Thoughts can go from, “What comes first?”, “Where do I even start?”, “There’s way too much to do!” and the one I […]

Simplify Your Life Through Meal Planning Part 2

  Welcome back to part 2! How did you go last week? What is the one thing that worked well for you?   This week is jam packed with more practical meal planning tips with that one purpose of helping to make your life a little easier. Sounds like an amazing plan, right?! Ready for your next 5 […]