Easy Rice Paper Rolls for the Family

Easy Rice Paper RollsThey are the perfect get-your-hand-dirty kind of food and kids love making their own. Rice paper rolls that is. They may look complicated and fiddly to make, but seriously they’re not. These easy Rice paper rolls are made all the more simpler if you use a few basic foods in the middle, usually from what’s already in your fridge.

Rice paper rolls are purchased dry like pasta and are found in the Asian or International Food section of your supermarket. Like pasta, they need to be softened by warm water. Because Rice Paper Rolls are so darn popular with the family, we usually buy two packets of rice paper rolls so there’s always enough to go around. The rolls can be made more filling by including rice noodles (vermicelli noodles) as well, the thin variety work much better than the thicker ones.

Rice paper rolls leave a nice cool, clean taste in your mouth, which makes them the perfect lunch, as a light dinner or an entrée when entertaining.

Try not to be tempted to make everyone’s for them, Rice Paper Rolls can be time consuming and you need to enjoy them too. That’s why these are called Easy Rice Paper Rolls, there’s no fancy sauces, marinades or hard to find ingredients. Part of the fun is everyone making their own combinations and mess. They don’t have to be perfectly rolled into nice neat parcels. Rice Paper Rolls are a little messy to eat but that’s part of the experience.

How to make rice paper rolls (1)

Easy Rice Paper Rolls

Preparation tip

Raid your fridge, what’s in there that would be a great filling? Grated carrot, cucumber and capsicum strips, lettuce leaves and left over chicken are the perfect way to use up what you already have. Just make sure the cucumber and capsicum are cut thinly so they don’t pierce through the rice paper roll.

Top filling combinations

  • Prawn, avocado and mint leaves
  • Tuna and cucumber strips
  • Chicken, carrot and capsicum
  • Snow peas, carrot, capsicum, cucumber

Each person has:

  • A warm bowl of water, or large bowls to share
  • A damp tea towel or paper towel (to prepare the roll on and to keep the roll moist)
  • Access to the fillings
  • Dipping sauces (e.g. soy, sweet chilli)

To assemble the Rice Paper Roll

  1. Place one dry rice paper roll in the warm water for about 30 seconds or until soft.
  2. Place onto the damp tea towel
  3. In the middle, top with a few of the rice noodles (if using) followed by the fillings of your choice. Be careful not to overload it with toppings or they will be difficult to roll and will burst.
  4. Fold the bottom up over the filling, followed by the sides and then roll, enclosing the top too.
  5. Serve with green tea, fruit infused soda water, fruit tisane or a white wine.

The perfect green tea

The tip to get the perfect green tea is the water temperature and length of brewing time. Once the jug has boiled, take the lid off and let it cool for a few minutes. Brew the tea for a very short period of time, no longer than 2-3 minutes.

What’s your favourite rice paper roll filling?



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