Simple recipe for taking time

There is only one thing more precious than our time, and that’s who we spend it on. Your partner. Your friends. Your children. Your family. Yourself. Your choice… That’s what’s happening around here.  We’ve been fortunate enough to choose to spend time on what is priority for us right now and it’s staying true to […]

Healthy Banana and Date Snack Bites

Banana and Date Snack Bites are delicious, healthy and super easy to cook. They have only five ingredients and are freezable. Ticks every box for snack food right there! While they are best served warm, they taste just as good cool too. They’re soft and moist, sweet and just a tad crunchy and perfect with a […]

Baked Camembert – molten goodness

It’s true, baked camembert is molten, creamy goodness. In fact it’s so good you won’t want to share. Which means you’ll be like us and make two. Or three, if the kids expect to get any. It’s decadence, but divine decadence. And super easy too. It’s even better when made in the campfire. I don’t even […]

The Ultimate Guide to Help with Homework

I’m anti-homework and I’m a teacher. I’m all for reinforcing skills (such as times tables and reading) but I am also more for harmonious households and having a break from work. We need to give our kids some downtime. They have been at their ‘work’ as well and then we ship them off to sport, […]